Cascade (Super Tall Series)

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MarchCakes (10).jpg

Cascade (Super Tall Series)

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This is for the dramatic who just happens to love macarons!! This cake is extra tall (5 layers) topped with a chocolate sail and cascading macarons on a background of 24k gold leaf or silver leaf. You also get to choose two flavours!!

Cake Care

  • All cakes are packaged in a cake box and a cake board 2” larger than the diameter of the cake.

  • During transportation, please keep cake on a flat surface

  • Keep cool and refrigerated where possible

  • Cakes styled with flowers are best eaten with 24 hours of pickup, as the flowers are fresh and have the tendency to wilt after its time frame.

Please note:

  • All fresh flowers and petals are used for decoration purposes only and are not inserted in cake

  • No two cakes are the same but are similar in design

  • Customers may request particular decorative specifications; however all cakes are subject to the artistic expression of Take A Bite Bahamas. All our products are handmade and unique, so no two are ever the same. As such, cake garnished will depend from time to time depending on their availability. Where a certain styling element is unavailable, Take A Bite will endeavor to replace the element with another to maintain the artistic integrity of the finished cake. Pictures attached are meant for inspiration or guidelines to visualize your preferred design outcome.

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